“The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them.”

Thomas Crum

Conflicts and Disputes have become inevitable in our lives, because of varied beliefs, diverse socio-economic backgrounds, cultural differences, limited availability of resources and fast changing times. Sometimes, by the time we know the rules of engagement, they have changed. When speed of operations and life accelerates, the speed of conflicts too would accelerate.

Dispute Resolution, in general and Mediation, in particular are a combination of Science and Art. Our Team of experts proficient in litigation, psychology, trained mediation methodologies and above all, equipped with a deep understanding for the beautiful species called ‘ Human beings’, are here to help you. But naturally there are limitations as to what kind of Disputes are amenable to Mediation and how soon we can help you resolve them. We have endeavoured to elaborate upon them in these pages.

We love resolving disputes, because at the end of the tunnel – there is a priceless rainbow of peace, wealth and productivity. Seeking peace is a smart option in life – not a static peace, but a dynamic peace that frees our energies to be positive and productive. We can then move efficiently towards our commercial, professional, and personal goals. And experience the real enjoyment of our properties and all good things that life has to offer.

At DResolute we aim to help you tear down these barriers to the pursuit of your core professional, commercial and personal goals and move towards them with joy and abandon.

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Solutions & Focus Areas

Service Offerings

DResolute is a focussed player in intelligent and smart dispute resolution to help address differences, disagreements, and disputes to enable business, professional and personal relationships to move towards productive and satisfying ends.

Engagement Process

Engagement happens post understanding of the dispute/s, amenability of the dispute/s to mediation, and assessment of our team’s ability to resolve them.

Scope of Offerings

In order to be provide higher quality of services, we have very chosen segment to whom we wish to serve.

Int offerings/ODR

Our Mediation services at the International level, come with a depth of understanding, both legally and culturally and online mediation enables efficient and effective resolution surmounting social and geographical constraints.

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Dispute Rresolution is an art that happens with help of the science of psychologyphysiology, human relations, and philosophy as well. Our aim is to help you to take control of your disputes and gain the autonomy to resolve them by direct engagement with the other party or parties with the help and guidance of our expert Mediators, who are trained to guide you through thorny thickets towards a mutually acceptable solution/s, often with potential win-win outcomes.

Mediation is a fair and just process of dispute resolution, wherein complete confidentiality is assured and participation is without prejudice to a judicial outcome, in the event that Mediation does not result in resolution, complete or partial.

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